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Organik Fruit Trade

Twelve years ago, we recognized the importance of organic food production in people’s health and in protecting the environment.

First started growing organic raspberry crops on our property, and later with that experience we led other fruit growers, our cooperants, to implement organic production methods to their crops.

From that time, we mastered the procedures of organic certification, and we consulted over 280 fruit growers all over in Serbia.

Today our system comprises of 12 organic fruit growing projects that spread over 210 acres isolated from disruptive influence of air pollution and conventional production. This enables us to trace and ensure the quality of fruit growing and production for all our products.

All products we offer are RS, EOS and NOP certified, as well as all the premises where our fruit is processed and stored.


What do we do?

1. Organic fruit growing on our properties

2. Joined fruit growing with our cooperants

3. Trading organic fruit



Organski proizvod

USDA Organic

EOS Sertifikat

About us

Organik Fruit Trade doo Šabac is a family company founded on 06.02.2020 as legal successor of Organik Fruit Trade, PR Andrijana Kulezić.

Company sells fresh and IQF fruit that has been grown by our cooperants all over country, or it has been grown on our properties in Mačva county – one of the most fertile lands in Serbia.



Organic raspberry

Organic strawberry

Organic blackberry

Organic plum

Organic forest blueberry

Organic sour cherry

Organic rose hip

Organic forest blackberry

Organic apricot