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Organik Fruit Trade doo Šabac is a family company founded on 06.02.2020 as legal successor of Organik Fruit Trade, PR Andrijana Kulezić.

Company sells fresh and IQF fruit that has been grown by our cooperants all over country, or it has been grown on our properties in Mačva county – one of the most fertile lands in Serbia.



Organic products

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As consultants, we are recognized by domestic and international organizations dedicated to advancing organic production and expanding the organic products market. Also, we are part of building a national platform for organic production and improvement of organic products placement on European markets.


We own sustainable certificates for organic plant production, processing and trade by Serbian standars (RS certificate), European standards (EOS certificate) and American standards (NOP certificate).

Consulting agency Organik Agro Konsalting, PR Vladan Kulezić provides consulting services for 12 projects in organic plant production. This enables Organik Fruit Trade company access to large amounts of superb organic fruit products.

Organic products

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